Donald Trump starting to sour on Paul Manafort.

Source: RedState | April 26, 2016 | Moe Lane

Yes, I feel that taking away money-making decisions qualifies as ‘starting to sour.’

….The latest edition of the ongoing vicious-gossip fest reveals that Trump is allegedly reconsidering taking quite so much power away from embattled campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and has accordingly ‘recalibrated’ by taking some of the money-making decisions away from lobbyist crony / delegate wrangler Paul Manafort. Oh, and that Trump hates acting like a real, live grown-up when running for President, so Trump’s going to not do that as much.

Let me quote a paragraph from the Politico article to give you an idea of the back-biting going on here. It’s pretty good. More to the point, it’s pretty standard Washington-insider-griping:

“I think it pisses [Trump] off that he was getting free television by going on the shows and now Paul Manafort is out there resurrecting his career,” said one campaign operative. Citing Manafort’s advocacy within the campaign for an expensive advertising push in upcoming states, the operative said Trump is “saying I can get on every show I want for free and you’re telling me not to do that and that I should pay for my advertising? That doesn’t pass the smell test to me.”


PS: Also according to this Politico article, Trump was apparently not aware that Paul Manafort was a lobbyist for all sorts of awful and corrupt regimes (including at least one that Trump himself has railed against). That is… alarming. I remember that took all of five minutes of Google searching to get Manafort’s history; it was reasonable to assume that Donald Trump knew how unsavory a choice he was making, but decided to go with Manafort anyway because there were no better options.  The idea that Trump instead simply didn’t know that he had hired a lobbyist for the Saudi regime should alarm anybody with a lick of common sense.


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  • Consistent #5259

    ConservativeGranny #5280

    Getting so sick of the “I didn’t know” response. Baloney!

    Victoria #5284

    Manafort’s office is on K Street, Washington, D.C. – the lobby street. His business partner is the campaign manager for Kasich. Manafort’s last time to work on a campaign was in the 1970s.

    It appears he wants to spend Trump’s money – that will go over like a lead balloon, plus it appears he is making campaign decisions on his own – that won’t work, either. He may find himself “fired”.

    liberty #5287

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. Trump is going to have to decide if he really wants to be president. I am still not convinced he ever had any plan to go all the way. When Trump announced he was running, the first thing I said to my husband was “I think Trump is a plant to give Hillary the presidency”.
    I have seen more evidence that I may be correct than evidence that I am wrong. I honestly hope I am wrong. It would be devastating for the country I love.

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