Donors Decline to Back More Fracking Research After Study Finds No Link to….

Source: Daily Signal | May 6, 2016 | Kevin Mooney

Donors Decline to Back More Fracking Research After Study Finds No Link to Water Contamination

The lead researcher in a study that concluded that fracking in Ohio didn’t contaminate groundwater told The Daily Signal that, contrary to her previous remarks, donors to the study did not pull funding because of “specific disappointment” with those results.

Amy Townsend-Small, an assistant professor of geology at the University of Cincinnati who conducted the three-year study, did acknowledge that some financial backers “have declined to continue funding past the initial study period.”  

However, Townsend-Small said in an email Monday to The Daily Signal, those decisions not to donate more might be because the study didn’t establish a relationship between hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and water contamination in Carroll County and other areas that include the Utica Shale deposit.

Townsend-Small also said the results “show that fracking does not always lead to groundwater contamination, but that continuous monitoring is needed to ensure contamination has not occurred.”

“The left likes to continually talk about settled science, but often it’s settled on a predetermined outcome,” Nick Loris, a research fellow at The Heritage Foundation who studies energy issues, told The Daily Signal. “Politicians use that predetermined outcome to justify policies that drive up the costs of affordable, reliable energy—even though those policies have little to no environmental benefit.”



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    Why would anyone want to continue donating after scientific testing proves there is no contamination. Liberals may continue to donate because after all others have ceased then the study will be completely funded by liberals and they can demand the result they want if the study is going to continue receiving funding. Or they will fund a different study from a different source that is motivated by feelings or profit based agenda rather than facts. They will fund endlessly as long as they get what they want, it is why same studies have entirely different outcomes on and on it goes.

    That is what I think but I am mostly pessimistic about every thing these days, as the world gets darker the only person I know I can trust in all things is the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ and His Eternal Word, and you know what; that is in every way more than enough, although I need to constantly remind myself of that as in this case.

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