Dr. Oz announces Senate bid to his millions of followers

Source: Politico | November 30, 2021 | Natalie Allison and Holly Otterbein

The celebrity television doctor will run in one of the nation’s most important races.

It’s official. Dr. Oz is running for Senate in Pennsylvania.

The celebrity TV doctor made the announcement Tuesday, rolling out a video he shared with his millions of followers on social media.

Mehmet Oz, a Republican, will self-fund part of his campaign and is planning to “put significant resources” into the battleground state race, Contres said.

His opening ad, set to begin airing on television Friday, takes aim at the government’s response to Covid, a topic Oz has spoken about in interviews over the course of the pandemic.

“Covid has shown us that our system is broken,” Oz said in the campaign ad. “We lost too many lives, too many jobs and too many opportunities because Washington got it wrong. They took away our freedom without making us safer, and tried to kill our spirit and our dignity.”

Lowering drug prices, bringing back jobs from China and establishing a “secure border” are among the issues his campaign plans to champion, according to his website.

Oz’s campaign launch comes a week after Sean Parnell, the GOP candidate who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, suspended his Senate campaign after losing legal custody of his children. The former frontrunner’s departure from the race has scrambled the GOP primary, with Oz jumping in and other top candidates eyeing runs.

Sen. Pat Toomey’s retirement in Pennsylvania makes the open seat crucial for Republicans to defend in 2022 as they seek to take back the Senate majority.


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