Drafting Women: Two Cultural Consequences

Source: The Resurgent | May 20, 2016 | Bill Blankschaen

Lost in the latest egalitarian nonsense about drafting women to serve in the military are two concerns I have about the long-term impact on us as a culture.

Aside from the scientific arguments about weakening our fighting force, valid though they are, and the complete collapse of principles by so many on what used to be the ideological right, two glaring concerns remain with drafting women to serve in the military:

1. Our society needs mothers who are not trained killers. Men and women are different, not just anatomically (in spite of the the confusion recently), but in terms of how we are hard-wired within. Women are naturally better at nurturing……

2. We need women to make babies. It’s the biology, stupid. We need to reproduce, something we are only barely doing now at replacement levels. If we force our future mothers to serve in the military, many of them will die. Once they die, they cannot have children. That’s how life works……

Before we rush into coercing our daughters to become trained killers, maybe we should think through where this madness will leave us—not in the next election cycle, but a generation or two down the road.

Long after the self-serving politicians are gone.

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