Drudge Report pushing old story from August to RILE up Trump supporters

Source: The Right Scoop | April 11, 2016 | soopermexican

It’s so weird how all of a sudden everyone is in an uproar over the rules in Colorado!! Trump is angry!! His aides are yelling fraud!! It’s like Nazi Germany!! It’s the Taliban!! Let’s all riot!!!

And Drudge tosses gasoline on the fire by revealing this insane new story oh wow I can’t believe it look!!!! CLICK IT NOW RIOT LATER!!!


Are you serious did the Colorado GOP seriously vote to get rid of the primary election so that they could give the nomination to Ted Cruz?!?! I can’t believe they would do that!! It’s unbelievable!!

It also happened SIX MONTHS ago:


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    I seen a story yesterday on TRS about Paul Manafort who Trump just hired as a consultant, Manafort was interview by Chuck Todd. I posted this yesterday and again today on TRS comments:

    Manafort is a consultant and fixer for the GOP Establishment. Sleaze is Manafort’s
    middle name that’s what Todd was eluding to when he talked about the type of clients Manafort regularly represents, if the Cruz campaign plays this right and is very very smart about it Manafort could be Trumps death nail, but they would have to tread carefully this guy is notorious and very dangerous, Cruz needs quickly to strike the first blow and keep hitting Manafort expose his sleazy relationships with criminals and foreign governments he makes the sleaze that spews from Stone, Pecker and Drudge look like amateurs.

    The Chuck Todd interview is below watch how Todd asks about the type of clients Manafort represents. Manafort has been a lobbyist and political consultant for 40 years and controls multiple such firms that do the dirty work while he stays above it all, he is the best/worst there is.

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    Herr Manafort complains about Sen. Cruz’ “gestalt tactics,” but I don’t see folks at Cruz rallies getting assaulted, I don’t see protesters at Cruz’ rallies having their lives threatened. Herr Stone is Herr stump’s buddy, not Sen. Cruz’ buddy, and it is Herr Stone who has threatened non-stump delegates with violence, chaos, rioting, and mayhem, not anyone from the Cruz campaign.

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