EDITORIAL: What Happened to the Evangelical Voters?

Source: RedState | May 22, 2016 | Susan Wright

It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.
Patrick Henry


I’ve posed this question to those who I know define themselves as “Christian” because I sincerely want an answer. I know all people are fallible, but we should have been looking for a David, not an Ahab.

The most common answer I get is that we’re not electing a pastor, but a president.

That’s true, but as leaders are a direct reflection of those who vote them into power, when you look at 2008, 2012, and this season, what we see in that reflection should grieve us, if we truly seek to be seen as bearers of the Spirit of God.


I also don’t believe a party or a nation that turns its back on God can exist on any level of greatness.

If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under. Ronald Reagan

Another assertion I hear from those who wave the banner of Christian, but want to justify their dalliance with their flesh, in supporting such a despicable man is that he could be our Cyrus.

Cyrus was a pagan king from the Old Testament (2 Chronicles and Ezra), who allowed the Hebrews to rebuild the temple, even giving them resources from his own wealth to do so. Though he was pagan, God still used him.

I get that desperate need to justify choosing such a man, but Cyrus was willing to be used, even if he didn’t worship the same God.

Trump calls himself “Christian,” while saying he’s never needed God’s forgiveness. He blasphemes the name of God by the mere suggestion. To call him a Cyrus is a stretch.


For all my harshness, I actually do pray for Donald Trump. I pray that he surrounds himself with the right people. By the right people, I don’t mean televangelist who are looking to build another wing onto their megachurches. I mean Christians with a passion for this nation and their fellow Americans. I mean Christians that will speak directly to him about his need for God’s forgiveness. And I pray that he hear them and seek a relationship with Christ. He needs to know his true treasure is stored up in Heaven, not in Trump Tower.

If that doesn’t happen, I don’t know where we are as a nation. Either those who are identifying as Evangelicals when polled are lying, or Evangelicals need to get out from behind their church walls and reclaim their position on the stage of American politics, once again.


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    The sad thing is that most evangelicals have become worldly in the sense that we look to men, or our inventions to save us, not God. Otherwise, how do you explain that a godly man arises, holds his own against a vile man like Trump, but finally the vile man pulls one too many to take the godly man down. Why would evangelicals even believe a word Trump says? Because we’ve turned from God and are listening, instead, to one who would be a god to us, if we let him. Trump is an antichrist type…not the real one…but a type, that is supposed to wake real believers up to recognize the times we are living in.Bt, instead, we think that if Trump says the right things, we’ll all be okay, won’t need God yet. This is totally aggravating, but this is how it is. We are waiting to use God when we are backed into a corner…and we are, but most do not recognize that reality yet.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    CA Surveyor #6432

    God has a plan that is not going to change.
    It includes a time table for his events. We are close to the end of man’s rule on Earth.

    No president is going to make anything great again.

    The Last Trump is scheduled for Tishri 1, 6024 (2024 to you pagans )

    Get ready .

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