Elderly Asian woman fights off attacker in San Francisco

Source: The Hill | March 18, 2021 | Marina Pitofsky

An elderly woman in San Francisco fought off an attacker on Wednesday, with both the woman and the assailant taken to a hospital after the incident. 

Xiao Zhen Xie, 76, told KPIX 5 in the Northern California city that she was waiting at a traffic light when a man allegedly punched her in her left eye. KPIX 5 described it as just the latest attack against an Asian American person in the city. Such attacks have been rising amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Xie fought back against the man with a nearby stick and, after authorities arrived at the scene, the man was taken away in a stretcher.

The woman’s daughter, Dong-Mei Li, told the outlet that her mother is “very traumatized” and her eye was still bleeding later on Wednesday. She has also been unable to eat and is scared to leave her senior retirement home.

Xie, a 26-year resident of San Francisco, told KPIX 5 that the attack was completely unprovoked.

She and the man were both taken to a hospital for treatment after the incident. Xie had returned to her home by Wednesday night.

KPIX 5 sports director Dennis O’Donnell tweeted video from the scene after the woman was attacked. It shows her face swollen and bruised as she cries. The man appears on a stretcher with injuries to his face.


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  •  EVERYDAY #48005

    San Francisco has a high Asian-American population. So these attacks are a real concern.

    Poor Mrs. Xie. I can only imagine how traumatic this attack must be. But I’m glad she got a piece of the perp too.

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