Eno: Are Carson’s Iowa Troubles His Own Fault?

Source: | February 04, 2016 | Robert Eno

The one question left unanswered amid the fight over campaigns sharing media reports about Ben Carson dropping out is why the report was so easy to believe in the first place.  Carson’s campaign has been a series of stops and starts over the past few months – with a smattering of book promotion in between.  It is through that prism that Carson’s Florida swing to pick up his laundry was viewed.

But first, a look at what happened on caucus night is in order. 

Yes, CNN reported that it was “unusual” for a candidate who is “serious” about winning to “go home,” instead of campaigning.  Here is the video from sixteen minutes before the caucuses opening.

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    Dana Bash said, “look, if you want to be President of the United States you don’t go home to Florida. I mean that’s just bottom line, the end of the story.” Bash continued, “if you want to signal to your supporters that you want it, that you are hungry for it, that you want them to get out and campaign, you gotta be out there doing it to. He’s not doing it. It’s very unusual.”

    That is the bottom line. The Cruz campaign did not make something up out of thin air. They went off a report on a major news network that was broadcast sixteen full minutes before the start of the Iowa caucuses. That Cruz had a war room set up to take advantage of late breaking news and disseminate it to precinct captains is not something to look down at, but a show of strength of organization.

    Perhaps that’s what really has Cruz’s rival campaigns upset. That he had an organization able to seize upon fast moving events.

    Beyond that, it is helpful to look at why a story about Carson’s campaign not being serious was easily believed. It is because over the past few months Carson’s campaign has been beset by resignations, false starts, and a general unserious tone.
    Carson has had a longstanding problem keeping staff and managing those who are managing his campaign. Is it any wonder that a campaign staffer said something that could be misconstrued as him dropping out?

    If Carson can’t manage his own campaign team, how will he be able to manage the country?

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    Love the video it is good to see and hear someone who communicates using facts, common sense, reason and logic to make a point.

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    WOOHOO! Well-stated! As I posted in another comment…Carson’s own staff was culpable, and he is angry that since his staff has been abandoning him for Cruz since December, he is lashing out at Cruz more over that fact than the fact that Cruz forwarded a tweet. As did Rubio…and I also heard Trump’s team did, too. A lot of smoke & mirrors going on here. Dr. Carson said he is a Christina. Well, Cruz did the Christian thing and apologized, and even though Carson said he accepted it, he has not. He is still after Cruz. This speaks to his unforgiveness, not to Cruz’s refusal to fire his staff.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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