EU to discuss ways to 'renew and reinvigorate' relations with US in post-Trump era: report

Source: The Hill | November 30, 2020 | Joseph Choi

The European Union (EU) will reportedly meet on Monday to discuss ways to “renew and reinvigorate” its relationship with the U.S. after President Trump leaves office.

According to documents obtained by Reuters, ambassadors from 27 EU countries are set to go over five policy areas in which they believe President-elect Joe Biden will be more likely than Trump to cooperate with them.

According to the news service, the five broad policy areas include: health, particularly fighting the coronavirus pandemic; economic recovery; working against climate change; promoting peace and security and upholding shared beliefs.

“The arrival of a new administration and congress … is an opportunity for the EU to renew and reinvigorate its strategic partnership with the U.S. based on mutual interests,” the document reads, Reuters reported.

EU leaders will debate transatlantic issues during a summit on Dec. 10-11, the news outlet noted, adding that many European leaders were put off by Trump’s “America First” policies that led to the U.S. walking away from agreements such as the Paris climate agreement and the Iran nuclear deal.


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