Ex-Nixon White House counsel: Mueller report 'more damning' than Watergate

Source: The Hill | April 18, 2019 | Chris Mills Rodrigo

John Dean, the former White House counsel for President Nixon, said Thursday that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report was “more damning” than the Watergate report.

“I looked on my shelf for the Senate Watergate Committee report, I looked at the Iran Contra report. I also looked at the Ken Starr report,” Dean said on CNN’s “The Lead.”

“In 400 words, this report from the special counsel is more damning than all those reports about a president, this is really a devastating report.”


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  •  ConservativeGranny #28993

    Remember the Steele Dossier? There is a footnote in section II of Mueller’s report. Page 27, footnote#112 that states that in Oct of 2016 Cohen received a text from a Russian businessman that said he “stopped the flow of tapes from Russia” but he wasn’t sure if “there was anything else”.

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