Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen discussing plea deal with prosecutors

Source: NBC News | August 21, 2018 | Sarah Fitzpatrick, Joe Valiquette, Jonathan Dienst and Tom Winter

The deal could come as early as today, say sources familiar with the matter.

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, is discussing a possible guilty plea with federal prosecutors in Manhattan in connection with tax fraud and banking-related matters, multiple sources familiar with the matter tell NBC News.

Those sources stress no deal has been reached but do say the potential deal could be reached as early as today.

The plea could have significant implications for Trump, who has blasted Cohen ever since his former fixer and his attorney, old Clinton hand Lanny Davis, began signaling this summer that Cohen might cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

When reached by NBC, Davis said he cannot comment on advice of counsel since there is an ongoing investigation. Cohen has previously denied wrongdoing.


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    Is this what the “perjury threat” means? Trump allegedly does not want to talk to Mueller anymore because he is afraid he will be caught in lies. Mueller will have evidence from Cohen and any testimony he may give as part of a plea deal. Trump can’t help lying, but Trump won’t know what contradictory evidence Mueller may have.

    If he can do ao, Mueller should subpoena Trump and place him under oath. Let him sweat.

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