Faith Will Make the Right Candidate Emerge as the Nominee and President

There’s only one reason that I don’t really worry more about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders. As much as I would dislike any of them becoming the leader of the country, I have faith in God’s Will. As Christian conservatives, we are charged to pray daily for our Father’s Will to be done and we have to know in our hearts that whatever happens, it was meant to be.

That absolutely, positively does not give us license to not get involved. It’s not for us to know our place in this world or how our participation (or choice not to participate) will affect the outcome. We will fight tooth and nail both in the world, online, and in our prayers to see Ted Cruz as the nominee because we feel that he’s the right man for the job. If he isn’t nominated, we will determine how to move forward based upon the circumstances.

As hard as it is to believe for some Christians based upon what we’ve seen in this country for decades and in particular over the last seven years, there’s a plan in place for all of these things. It’s not a stretch to find the silver lining that President Obama, as poorly as we perceive him, may have been ideal for the last few years. Personally, his Presidency has acted as a wake up call to stand strong in my faith and political beliefs rather than being as passive as I had been for years prior. Had John McCain or Mitt Romney defeated him, things may be different. It could also be said that both Romney’s and McCain’s losses have contributed to the opportunity we now have in this country to elect a true conservative and unabashed Christian into the Presidency.

Again, it’s above our pay grade to know why things that seem bad happen at any given moment. It’s our belief that this moment was made for Ted Cruz, but we’re not going get down for long if he isn’t chosen. Doing so would be to lose faith that our Father has a plan that goes well beyond our understanding.

Pray and act. These are the things that give Christian conservatives the best chance to help this country correct its path. The prayer part is easy – the Lord’s Prayer will do. As for action: keep fighting for the first principled conservative since Ronald Reagan to sit in the Oval Office.

To that end, here’s a little video we compiled. ….video at the site.


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    The video, though dated January 24th is still a good tool!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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