Fauci: 500,000 coronavirus death milestone 'devastating'

Source: The Hill | February 21, 2021 | Zack Budryk

Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert, said Sunday that despite positive trends in coronavirus infections, it is “devastating” to see the U.S. approaching 500,000 deaths from COVID-19.

“If you look at what has gone on now, and we’re still not out of it, a half a million deaths. It’s terrible. It is historic. We haven’t seen anything even close to this for well over a hundred years since the 1918 pandemic of influenza,” Fauci said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“It’s something that is stunning when you look at the numbers, almost unbelievable, but it’s true,” he added. “This is a devastating pandemic, and it’s historic. People will be talking about this decades and decades and decades from now.”


Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Fauci said that the continued downward trend in coronavirus cases is a positive development but emphasized the need for vigilance.

“The slope of downward trajectory is really very good and very impressive,” he said. “The one thing we don’t want to do is to be complacent that it’s coming down so sharply that now we’re out of the woods because we are still at a baseline of daily infection that’s quite troublesome.”

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    Didn’t have to be this way. If we had effective leadership last year, the number of deaths would be smaller now and we might even be returning to normalcy. That ineffective leadership lingers today in the form of a cult that still believes the virus is a hoax, which emulates its leader by refusing to follow CDC guidelines and which is now not only anti-vax, but is attempting to prevent others from getting the vaccine. Their lies and superstitions are virulent and in order to defeat this virus, we will need to defeat the Trump cult’s efforts to keep the virus spreading.

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