Fauci alarmed that cases are now 16 times too high to end pandemic

Source: The Hill | September 10, 2021 | Adam Barnes

White House chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci warned in an interview Thursday that rising COVID-19 cases across the U.S. indicate that the virus is nowhere near under control, adding that the threat should lessen as vaccinations increase. 

“The endgame is to suppress the virus. Right now, we’re still in pandemic mode, because we have 160,000 new infections a day. That’s not even modestly good control … which means it’s a public health threat,” Fauci told Axios in an interview published Thursday

“In a country of our size, you can’t be hanging around and having 100,000 infections a day. You’ve got to get well below 10,000 before you start feeling comfortable,” he added.

The daily average number of new coronavirus cases in the U.S., as of Sept. 9, fell slightly below 148,000 — a 5 percent decrease over a 14-day period. Nationwide hospitalizations increased by 1 percent over the same period bringing the average total to more than 100,000 per day. 


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    The anto-vaxers are entrenched. They will be challenging Pres. Biden’s mandates and do everything they can to get around any restrictions imposed by the private sector — even to the point of violent assault. Would be great if all of them could be forced into lockdown, but I don’t think that can happen legally.

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