Fed grand jury indicts fmr Trump adv Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress

Source: CNN | November 12, 2021 | Hannah Rabinowitz, Jessica Schneider, Evan Perez, Paula Reid and Zachary Cohen

Federal grand jury indicts former Trump adviser Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress

(CNN) – A federal grand jury has returned an indictment against former Trump adviser Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress, the Justice Department announced Friday.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has been under tremendous political pressure to indict Bannon since the House referred the Trump ally to the Justice Department for contempt on October 21.

“Since my first day in office, I have promised Justice Department employees that together we would show the American people by word and deed that the Department adheres to the rule of law, follows the facts and the law, and pursues equal justice under the law,” Garland said in a statement Friday. “Today’s charges reflect the Department’s steadfast commitment to these principles.”

Bannon, 67, was charged with one count related to his refusal to appear for a deposition and another related to his refusal to produce documents. Each count carries a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of one year in jail, the Justice Department said.


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    At last! The question is, will Bannon turn himself in or will he have to do the perp walk?

    I just hope the judge doesn’t grant him bail, or if there is bail, he is under house arrest and his passport is seized.

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    Bannon is expected to self-surrender on Monday to law enforcement, with an initial court appearance on the charges in the afternoon, according to a source familiar with the situation. His case was assigned to Judge Carl Nichols, a Trump appointee.


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