Five zebras have been on the loose in Maryland for more than a week

Source: The Hill | September 10, 2021 | Jenna Romaine

“We have not caught them yet.”

Five zebras have been on the loose in Maryland for more than a week.

“They got out, and they’re now still running loose,” chief of the Prince George’s County Animal Services Division, Rodney Taylor, said on Wednesday. “We have not caught them yet.”

The zebras escaped from a farm near Upper Marlboro on Aug. 31, according to a report in The Washington Post. It is still unclear how the zebras escaped from the farm, with animal services officials noting that the fencing remained in-tact.

The county’s 311 line began receiving phone calls the same day from residents who had spotted the zebras in their neighborhoods, much to their surprise.

“I’m telling you I haven’t been drinking, and I haven’t been doing any drugs. There are zebras in my backyard,” resident Alexis Curling told an operator.

While the five zebras remain on the run, they are no longer all together, with animal services stating a trio of the zebras are wandering together, while the other two are together as a pair. 


While wildlife officials work to corral the animals, they are advising people to keep their distance.

“Never approach them, and don’t try to pet them,” Taylor said. “They’re not going to chase you down. But they are zebras, so they’re not handled by people a lot, so to defend themselves they could bite.”

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