Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi becomes latest victim of the Trump Curse.

Source: Red State | March 21, 2016 | Moe Lane

Executive summary: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi in 2013 was considering joining in a lawsuit against Trump University.  Shortly thereafter, a check for $25,000 was sent to Bondi’s campaign political action committee electioneering communications organization “And Justice For All” by the Trump Foundation [EDIT: technically, this is an Electioneering Communications Organization {ECO}, not a PAC; it can coordinate with the candidate, but has a more limited scope and cannot operate at certain times during the election cycle. It is definitely not a Super PAC.]. AG Bondi (who has since endorsed Trump) ended up not joining in on the Trump University lawsuit.  So far, so bad: but here’s the wrinkle: the left-wing government transparency group CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) today noted that the Trump Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and is thus not permitted to make campaign contributions*. Nobody noticed at the time because while the Trump Foundation reported the contribution properly on Florida campaign finance disclosure forms, it reported it to the IRS as a contribution to “Justice For All,” which is a non-political, pro-life group out of Kansas.  Justice for All has confirmed that they never got that money; CREW has now lodged a formal complaint with the IRS.


Whether or not Donald Trump survives this one is, alas, open to debate: after all, the man routinely survives worse.  But it really doesn’t look good for AG Pam Bondi.  I mean, why did her PAC ECO take a campaign contribution from a 501(c)(3) nonprofit? Did they figure that it wouldn’t get noticed? – Although, to be fair: if Trump hadn’t run for President, it might not have…


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    Oh come on! He was just making a good deal! He gets along with everyone. It was just business. He is going to make America great again and build a wall. This is coming from the Cruz camp. He’s a liar! I can feel the butt hurt all the way over in Wisconsin.

    Would Jim even allow a story like this to be posted?

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    Would Jim even allow a story like this to be posted?

    Sure! /sarc

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