Former DHS official Miles Taylor reveals himself as Anonymous, who wrote critically of Trump

Source: Politico | October 28, 2020 | Nick Niedzwiadek

“Donald Trump is a man without character,” Taylor tweeted. “It’s why I wrote ‘A Warning’ …”

Miles Taylor has come forward and revealed himself to be Anonymous, the mysterious Washington official who has claimed to be working within the administration to restrain President Donald Trump’s impulses for the good of the country.

“Donald Trump is a man without character,” tweeted Taylor, who served at the Department of Homeland Security from 2017 until 2019, including as chief of staff prior to his departure. “It’s why I wrote ‘A Warning’ … and it’s why me & my colleagues have spoken out against him (in our own names) for months. It’s time for everyone to step out of the shadows.”

The dramatic effect of the reveal may be undercut by the fact that it came from a former official who has already openly turned against Trump. Taylor has previously endorsed Joe Biden for president and formed a group dedicated to opposing Trump.

“This low-level, disgruntled former staffer is a liar and a coward who chose anonymity over action and leaking over leading,” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said shortly after Taylor went public.


On Wednesday, Taylor said he felt a duty to voters to drop the pseudonym and end one of the major lines of criticism levied against his writings.

“Issuing my critiques without attribution forced the President to answer them directly on their merits or not at all, rather than creating distractions through petty insults and name-calling,” Taylor wrote in a statement posted on Medium. “I wanted the attention to be on the arguments themselves.”

Under the Anonymous moniker, Taylor penned a 2018 New York Times op-ed claiming to be “part of the resistance inside the Trump administration,” an essay that set off a torrent within the White House and other parts of the federal government to root out the individual and other members of the so-called Deep State.


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    He’ll prosecute Taylor just as he was going to prosecute Hillary Clinton when he was elected in 2016 and didn’t.

    Just with what does he want the DOJ to charge Taylor?

    Well, anyway, if all goes well on November 3 or whenever the election is decided, Trump may not be prosecuting anyone. In fact, he might be the one sporting an orange jumpsuit soon.

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