Former Justice John Paul Stevens dies at age 99

Source: The Hill | July 16, 2019 | Jacqueline Thomsen

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, a leading liberal during his time on the high court, died Tuesday night at the age of 99, the Supreme Court announced.

The Supreme Court said in a statement that Stevens died at a hospital in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., due to complications following a stoke he suffered on Monday.

Stevens spent 35 years on the Supreme Court after he was nominated by then-President Gerald Ford in 1975. He saw seven different presidents and three chief justices during his time as a justice.

And he played a crucial role in key Supreme Court decisions, from voting to reinstate the death penalty in 1976 – a vote he later said he regretted – to authoring a blistering dissent of the court’s 2000 ruling in Bush v. Gore.


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    Rest in peace. Justice Stevens.

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