Four reasons Ted Cruz could win Ohio

Source: | March 7, 2016 |

Could Ted Cruz win Ohio?

The state’s Republicans vote March 15 in their presidential primary – a winner-take-all primary now getting more and more national attention. It may sound absurd, but here are four reasons the Texas Senator could actually win the state’s 66 delegates.

1. Momentum. The Super Saturday contests indicated Cruz may be emerging as the choice of the #NeverTrump Republicans. He won in Kansas and Maine and came close in Kentucky and Louisiana. He is now within 84 delegates of frontrunner Donald Trump. The results suggest Republicans have started to coalesce around Cruz as the only option to stop Trump,  Tuesday’s elections could cement him as the alternative.

2. Northern Kentucky. Cincinnati’s suburban counties – Butler, Warren and Clermont – are a treasure trove of Republicans.  How might they vote? For an indication, see Kentucky’s Republican presidential caucus held Saturday. Though Trump won the state, the three suburban Cincinnati counties in Northern Kentucky – Boone, Kenton and Campbell – all went for Cruz.


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    Go, Cruz, Go!

    Victoria #2256

    I wish Kasich would endorse Cruz right now and help him win Ohio. I also wish Rubio would forget about himself since he has no chance, and endorse Cruz to save the country from Trump.

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