Fox's Neil Cavuto says Trump 'lying' on tariff math

Source: Washington Examiner | May 14, 2019 | Sean Higgins

Fox Business host Neil Cavuto said Tuesday that President Trump was “lying” when he claimed that U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods had taken in $100 billion in revenue for the government.

In an interview with Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, on Tuesday regarding Trump’s trade policies, Cavuto asked: “He uses a figure to talk about, ‘The tariffs have actually been very good to us. We have gotten $100 billion from the Chinese.’ Do you know where he got that figure?”

“I suppose he took the additional tariffs [the U.S. has imposed] against the amount that they import into us,” the senator replied.

Cavuto replied that that the math didn’t seem correct: “I don’t think he said that, senator, but who are we to quibble over details like this? A billion here, a billion there. I can go $35 billion, maybe up to $39 billion, maybe $40 billion, but when you’re lumping that together with items that we sell abroad to China, you’re lying.”

The response left Grassley stuttering, and Cavuto moved on to a different topic.


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    Careful, Neil. Fox is Trump’s network. You could lose your job for disagreeing with Trump.

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