George Conway after Trump's tweet storm: 'His condition is getting worse'

Source: Washington Examiner | March 17, 2019 | Daniel Chaitin

George Conway, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s husband, indicated Sunday he thinks President Trump’s mental state is deteriorating.

Following the president’s morning flurry of tweets in which he floated the idea of a federal investigation into “Saturday Night Live” and attacked the late Sen. John McCain, Conway tweeted: “His condition is getting worse.”


Conway, a conservative lawyer who frequently criticizes Trump, didn’t mention the president by name, but he spent the day tweeting and retweeting about him.

At one point he retweeted an tweet from Trump in May 2016 in which said Sen. Ted Cruz, then a rival for the GOP presidential nomination, “went wacko.”

Conway snarked, “as they say, a tweet for everything.”

Conway also retweeted conservative commentator and “Never Trump” leader Bill Kristol, who questioned Trump’s mental fitness.

“Fellow Republicans, read today’s tweets and retweets. Don’t avert your eyes. Averting your eyes is refusing to come to grips with Trump’s mental condition and psychological state. It’s avoiding reality,” Kristol said in the afternoon after Trump retweeted a number of posts, including from Jack Posobiec, a far-right media personality known for advancing conspiracy theories such as “Pizzagate.”


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  •  EVERYDAY #28436

    Well, I’m glad there are some people who realize there is something wrong with a grown man spending all his time on social media bashing people and things he doesn’t like — even aa dead man. I’ve always said he does this to entertain his fans and keep them engaged, but I also now believe he is trying to cover up or distract from his own failures as president. Whatever talents Trump once possessed have been lost and his presidency has proved it. In fact, I doubt he ever was this brilliant, successful businessman his PR has always claimed, and Trump is paranoid that everyone will know he is a sham.

    Whatever the reasons behind these constant attacks, Trump’s behavior is not normal. I just had an annual wellness exam which included not only a thorough physical examination, but various tests to determine my mental health. I suspect that when Trump gets his annual physical, he either does not go through the mental fitness portion of the exam, or if he does, those results are hidden from the public. I wish there was a way to compel Trump to undergo a mental health exam by an independent physician to settle the question of his mental health once and for all.

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     Consistent #28440

     ConservativeGranny #28449

    The closer Mueller gets to submitting his report the more deranged he will become.

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