GOP lawmaker to Trump: Drop election argument 'for the sake of our nation'

Source: The Hill | November 30, 2020 | Zack Budryk

Rep. Paul Mitchell (R-Mich.) is calling on President Trump to stop spreading unfounded conspiracy theories about the 2020 election “for the sake of our Nation.”

Mitchell on Sunday tweeted in response to Trump, who had posted on Twitter: “Everybody knows it was Rigged. They know Biden didn’t get more votes from the Black community than Obama, & certainly didn’t get 80,000,000 votes. Look what happened in Detroit, Philadelphia, plus!”

Twitter flagged Trump’s post as containing disputed claims about the election.

“Oh my God. [email protected] Please for the sake of our Nation please drop these arguments without evidence or factual basis. #stopthestupid” Mitchell tweeted.


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  •  EVERYDAY #45055

    Another “brave soul.” Too little, too late and Donnie won’t listen anyway. He has to rake in those dollars from his gullible fans.

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