GOP senator: Trump made 'errors of judgement' but they are not impeachable

Source: The Hill | November 7, 2019 | Rachel Frazin

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey (Pa.) said recent revelations about Ukraine show that President Trump has made “errors of judgment” but he does not believe the president’s conduct has been impeachable.

“None of it has changed my fundamental view on this,” Toomey told The Philadelphia Inquirer on Wednesday. 

“I think there needs to be a very high bar for removing a president from office. It has never happened in the history of the republic, and I think this president has made errors of judgment and he has said and done things that I don’t agree with, but I have yet to see something in my mind as a high crime or misdemeanor that warrants overturning the results of the last election,” he said. 

The newspaper reported that Toomey promised to be an “independent voice,” while working to win votes for himself in 2016 in the swing state. 


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