GOP won't cancel New Hampshire primary to help Trump, Gov. Chris Sununu says

Source: Washington Examiner | September 8, 2019 | Kerry Picket

KINGSTON, New Hampshire — Republicans in New Hampshire won’t follow the lead of several early primary and caucus states canceling contests to help ensure President Trump wins renomination against GOP primary challengers, Gov. Chris Sununu said.

The Republican state chief executive said the first-in-the-nation primary state won’t go the way of South Carolina, which traditionally follows the Granite State, but where the state party this weekend voted to cancel its 2020 contest. Republican state committees in Nevada and Kansas are doing the same thing for planned caucuses. And Arizona Republicans are expected to consider in September scrapping its primary next year.

Party officials in those states say the moves are aimed at cost savings since Trump is an incumbent and virtually assured of renomination. But critics say the moves are thinly-veiled efforts to protect Trump from real competition for the Republican nomination. Three Republican primary challengers who have held statewide or federal office are running against Trump — former South Carolina governor and Rep. Mark Sanford, who jumped in Sunday, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, and ex-Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois, who served a single term in the House 2011-13.

“There are some folks who we’re talking about that, but that’s not part of the process, right?” Sununu told the Washington Examiner in an interview Saturday. “We have a fair process. It’s a primary process. I firmly believe that good primaries are good things and that even if there were a primary here, Bill Weld or whoever wants to jump in the race it’s great, because Donald Trump is going to win 95% of the vote.”


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  •  Consistent #31642

     ConservativeGranny #31648

    The only laughingstock here is you Donald.

     EVERYDAY #31663

    Canceling the primaries and caucuses is so wrong on so many levels. The Republican Party has been thoroughly corrupted by Trump. It was corrupt before, but now the corruption is on steroids. Trump’s Republican competition is weak. He doesn’t need to fix his nomination.

    Kudos to the governor for doing the right thing.

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