Gov. Scott Walker Says Ted Cruz "Only One" With Chance to Stop Donald Trump

Source: RightWisconsin | March 23, 2016 | RightWisconsin

Scott Walker hints at Cruz endorsement.

Scott Walker stopped short of a formal endorsement in an interview with Charlie Sykes Tuesday, but did say there is only one real option for Republicans concerned about real estate mogul Donald Trump becoming the GOP nominee: Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.
“If you’re looking at the numbers objectively,” said Walker, “Ted Cruz, Senator Cruz, is the only one that’s got a chance other than Donald Trump of winning the nomination. Statistically, my friend Gov. Kasich does not.”


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  • Consistent #3088

    rodamala #3090

    We really really need Wisconsin Conservatives to show up…

    kleindropper #3100

    The latest Emerson poll has Cruz pulling ahead of Trump 36%-35% in WI. Early voting has started I believe so Walker needs to hop on board the Cruz train pronto if he really wants to stop Trump.

    EVERYDAY #3102

    Good Grief Walker. Endorse Ted Already!

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