Hearts of Stone – Hearts of Flesh, part 1

Source: Politibrew | 13 March, 2016 | Las

3-13-16 11:23 AM EST: “He who is not a socialist at nineteen, has no heart. He who is still a socialist at thirty, has no brain.”

(Otto Von Bismarck)

Otto Von Bismarck is probably the earliest source of this famous quote about young and old socialists. Other variations are also attributed to Benjamin Disraeli. George Clemenceau, Winston Churchill, and George Bernard Shaw. The sense of this quote can also be seen in another pithy expression: there is no fool like an old fool.


But old fools also have hearts of stone, and there is little so disheartening to observe, little so pathetic to see, as when older people never really outgrow their wrongheaded idealism nor embrace reality. You can observe this with sixty year old hippies; Bill Ayers is one such example. Another example is Frances Fox Piven, now in her eighties. But of course, these people are not unusual. They and their political progeny make up the overwhelming majority of University faculty. And of course their young and intellectually supple students end up as carbon copies of themselves. Along with these aging and latter day hippies in the institutions of higher learning comes the default political ideology in the society at large: the socialism of left-wing politics with it’s bastard child, cultural Marxism.


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  • slhancock1948 #2589

    A very insightful article…we might soon be dealing with this same issue.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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