Heidi Cruz invited friends, neighbors with them to Cancun in group texts: NYT

Source: The Hill | February 18, 2021 | John Bowden

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R) wife invited a number of friends and neighbors to join them on a last-minute Cancun getaway this week as winter weather left millions without power in the Lone Star State.

In group messages obtained by The New York Times, Heidi Cruz stated that her house was “FREEZING” and invited an unspecified number of people to join her family for a trip to the Mexican vacation spot until Sunday.

The messages, which were verified by a second, unnamed person in the thread, invited the friends to join them at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun and noted the room price this week at $309 per night. She added that her family has stayed there “many times.” 

Cruz’s trip Thursday, which he later cut short, was sharply criticized on social media due to the timing, which came as many in his home state were struggling without power, heat and potable water in freezing temperatures. 


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    All right. He’s back now. Can people stop whining about his trip now?

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    He just can’t tell the truth for the life of him. Why not just admit that you left because you could and others could not. He could have sent his wife and kids and spent some time checking on the elderly and handing out hot meals too but well, that is beneath him it seems. Lucky him. That’s the bottom line. Blaming it on his two kids is really cowardly. He wants all the perks and pay of the job and none of the responsibilities. As a senator of his state he has an obligation to stay in Texas in times like this and help to make sure Texans have everything they need. He is the people’s link to the federal government. He can get done what they cannot. But heck, his house was cold.

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