Herman Cain breaks with Trump: ‘Amazon is not the problem’

Source: The Hill | March 31, 2018 | Josh Delk

Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain on Saturday broke with President Trump on his criticism that Amazon hurts the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) with its shipping business, saying “Amazon is not the problem.”

“First, Amazon should be left alone, and let the market determine their fate alone with consumers. Secondly, fix the post office. Fix the postal system. It has been losing money for decades and they won’t fix the problem,” Cain said on Fox News

Trump lashed out at Amazon on Saturday, renewing his calls for USPS to raise shipping rates for the popular web store that an analysis last year showed receives an average subsidy of $1.46 from the Postal Service for every package it ships.

While USPS has seen a steady decline in revenue from its mail delivery service over the years, Trump reportedly disputes the fact that the service has made massive profits from Amazon. 

“Amazon isn’t a problem with the post office, the post office is the problem with itself,” said Cain, a retired businessman.


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  •  EVERYDAY #22730

    Cain might not have been the best choice for president, but when it comes to business and the dconomy, he gets it. I would have thought Trump, being so well educated — a supposed Wharton School graduate –would know what Cain is talking about. Either he doesn’t or he is once again spreading lies to fire up his base and help him execute his vendetta against Jeff Bezos.

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