Hoosier Values Are on the Line

Source: Conservative Review | May 2, 2016 | Steve Deace

The Indiana primary on May 3 is a referendum on basic human decency and common sense, and the presidential equivalent of Bobby Knight’s chair throwing tantrums can’t heal what ails us.

I have spent a fair amount of time reflecting upon my applause for some of the early antics of Donald Trump. His groin shots to establishment hacks and passionless conservatives were admittedly entertaining after years’ worth of standard-issue selling out. While I could never imagine actually voting for Trump, I still thought he could help give voice to millions of everyday Americans betrayed by the system, as well as run interference within the media so a conservative like Ted Cruz could move relatively unfettered.

However, a long, grueling campaign like 2016’s tends not to build character so much as reveal it. And what this Republican primary has revealed once and for all is this:

Donald Trump isn’t one of us, because he’s really one of them.


Indiana has been ground zero for such disappointment before. The nation watched over a year ago as the state was torched as a pagan holocaust in defiance of religious freedom, while the Rainbow Jihad ran roughshod over a local pizza shop.

Not to be outdone, Trump likes to proclaim that Planned Parenthood “does some very good things.” And he believes that mentally ill and deranged men belong in women’s bathrooms, in order to carry out whatever vision quest their hearts desire. You know, just small, Romans 1 stuff like that.


Except these threats to innocence aren’t really problems in the elitist circles Donald Trump jet-sets in. He’s not stopping for a gallon of milk or some new shoes at Target or Wal-Mart like the rest of us are. He has no idea what everyday Americans face. He’s too busy trying to make sure his private jetliner is licensed to fly with the FAA, or how much money to donate to Hillary Clinton’s next campaign.

Heck, Trump has already proposed taxing the stuff you buy at Target and Wal-Mart with his silly tariff scheme. Since he doesn’t shop there like everyday Americans do, why does he care if it gets more expensive for families like mine and yours – families that he and his elitist buddies look down on.


Let me repeat: It is us versus them, and Trump isn’t us. And with so much riding on the line May 3, he must not be Indiana, either. Thankfully, there is still time to right the ship before sentencing the country to a third term of Barack Obama by way of Hillary’s almost certain defeat of Trump. The joke need not be on us any longer, but that will only happen if the people of Indiana are truly sick of being a political conman’s punchline.

The alternative is to vote for Ted Cruz on Tuesday.

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