House GOP to Consider Impeaching IRS Commissioner. Trump Complicates Things.

Source: The Resurgent | May 13, 2016 | Erick Erickson

House Republicans are going to consider impeaching the IRS Commissioner, Commissioner John Koskinen. The IRS is accused of targeting conservative groups for harassment. Likewise, the IRS is accused of dragging its feet on giving non-profit status to conservative groups. Based on an inspector general investigation into the IRS and subsequent congressional hearings, the accusations appear legitimate.


Donald Trump, however, neutralizes the GOP’s talking point on the IRS. Just the other day he threatened Jeff Bezos and Amazon, suggesting Trump would support internet taxation to hurt Amazon, among other things, because of the Washington Post’s investigative reporters looking into Trump.

If the GOP has a candidate who implies or directly suggests he might use the government against his opponents, it will be really hard for them to distinguish what the IRS did from what their own Presidential nominee wants to do.


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    YAWN…… I have ZERO faith in these effing people….

    The current republicans are just as effing bad as the democrats when it comes to government power. eff em… seriously…

    when the IRS is nothing but a distant memory of tyrants long dead… then I will celebrate.. until then, I will distrust ALL establishment emmer effers who talk boldly and carry a very small stick.

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