How and Why Did Team Trump Amass 500 Thousand Bogus Twitter Accounts?

Source: Jason Taylor | April 6, 2016 | Jason Taylor


…. It’s not as simple as going out, creating an email account and then starting a Twitter account, not if you’re talking about five hundred thousand accounts. And, brand spanking new Twitter accounts won’t cut it, they get suspended to easy. You need “aged” accounts, accounts that have been steeping for at least five years.

There are many places to go on the dark web to buy Twitter accounts that also come with email addresses, that’s where Team Trump went.

These “aged” accounts are not cheap, to amass half a million of those you’re looking at some real cash, not that Trump doesn’t have it, but you need planning and someone well versed in social media to put this plan into action. I’m sure that the Trump Team new the power of Twitter long before he ever jumped in the race for President.

With these Twitter accounts, Facebook, and an email account to go along with each one; it’s no surprise he (Trump) wins every online poll. Trump has tried to control the narrative from the start, and he’s done a pretty good job of it, up until now. This was well thought out, and executed the way a general might map out a war.

These Twitter accounts are easy to spot, accounts that are dated 2009 to 2012, with few followers and a solid line of Donald Trump propaganda. There are real people running these Twitter accounts, mostly from the middle east, using VPN’s and Proxy’s to hide from United States Twitter.


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    Well we shall see if it pans out, I don’t know if this would be illegal and I can’t reason it would be but if true it surely would be a drag on the integrity of the Trump campaign, then again his campaign has little if any integrity anyway.

    All the nefarious activity of the Trump campaign will just make a Cruz victory that much more significant as he continues to conquer the appearance of overwhelming insurmountable odds.

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    If I remember correctly, a huge amount of Obama’s Twitter and Facebook followers were fake as well. In Obama’s case I’m guessing it was to hide the overseas money coming in through unregulated credit card activity.

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    I had to join twitter in order to find my son, the documentary film maker, so I could see pictures he put on twitter for his friends and followers to see. I have never written anything on twitter. I don’t know why people would want lots of followers except maybe to boost their ego.

    So, you guys are saying Trump somehow got millions of accounts so it looks like he has millions of followers, and he doesn’t? Hello, narcissistic personality. “I have more followers (marbles) than you do, ha ha.” “That will show you, more people love me than love you, ha ha.”

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