How Ted Cruz is stumping to win Wisconsin.

Source: Red State | March 28, 2016 | Moe Lane

The short version? Ted Cruz is going to spend this week more or less retracing Gov. Scott Walker’s electoral path, geographically speaking; and he’s going to at the same time talk a lot about jobs and trade and blue-collar workers. It’s an interesting one-two punch combo of Ted Cruz’s, not least because it more or less utterly ignores John Kasich (who is kind of appearing as an afterthought in this state).

The retracing of Walker’s walk in the southeast part of the state makes sense: as the Chicago Tribune implicitly noted, that’s where the Republican votes are. That’s also the place where Governor Walker ran up his margins to win the state outright, and a lot of people are wondering whether Walker plans to endorse Cruz or not. Well, more accurately: a lot of people expect that Walker will probably endorse Cruz; they just want to know when. And that’s still a decent endorsement to have.


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