Howard Stern Is Concerned The Presidency Will Effect Trump’s Mental Health

Source: RedState | February 4, 2017 | Susan Wright


Stern was asked about Trump earlier in the week, and he expressed some concern about his friend.

Specifically, Stern feels the presidency could be an emotional and mental strain on the 70-year old Trump, who, in his words, has a “very sensitive ego.”

“I personally wish that he had never run. I told him that because I actually think this is something that is going to be detrimental to his mental health…He really does want to be loved, he does want people to really love him, that drives him a lot. I think he has a very sensitive ego.”

This is something we have probably already figured out, given his Twitter rants over the most minor slights and his inability to just let things go.

Further, Stern suggested that Trump, despite his relationship with the press and some of the Hollywood celebrities who were coming out against him with such vitriol, that these were the people that Trump cared about, the most. Celebrities were his crowd.



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  •  EVERYDAY #13341

    Too late, Howard. Trump has already gone ’round the bend.

     CA Surveyor #13351

    Does anyone remember what event it was that claimed Stern’s mental health?

     ConservativeGranny #13369

    Stern is disgusting but he seems to have a clear view of Trump ego issues and where he is vulnerable. Trump has some very obvious mental health issues.

    After what Stern has said about Trump do you think their friendship will be over?

     EVERYDAY #13370

    Granny, I’m sure Trump will take to Twitter to denounce his (former) friend. Seems to me using Twitter to act like a 2 year old is his best talent.

    Stern has probably lost his mind after years of debauchery. So he may be a good authority on Trump’s mental health.

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