Humphrey: Why I abandoned Rubio to support Ted Cruz

Source: Illinois Review | March 14, 2016 | Valentina Humphrey

Attending the Northwest Suburban Lincoln Day Dinner in Illinois Friday night to see Senator Ted Cruz was not something I had initially considered. As a Rubio supporter and a woman of Spanish descent, I was interested to hear what the Texas Senator had to say about his candidacy, the Latino community, and most importantly, about the riots taking place that evening in Chicago.


Senator Cruz stopped and kneeled down to learn about Charlie. I imagine it would have been easier to just wave and carry on, but he took the time to say hello. I walked with them backstage and I continued to observe. I did not see Senator Cruz anymore,  I saw Ted. The Ted who engaged a little boy much like a good father would engage his son. The Ted who took the time to talk to the kitchen staff, cooks, and waiters as we made our way to the stage.

Ted Cruz in the kitchen

I could see all those hard-working men and women being incredibly surprised to see Ted Cruz in the kitchen with them, as much as I was surprised when he spoke in Spanish to them. It was then that I decided to approach him. He asked me about my interests. He cared to know who I was and what I cared about. There was an unexpected ease during our conversation. He had a candid way about him. A humbleness that I had not seen before. It had been difficult for me to separate the man from the candidate when I watched the debates, and I certainly did not anticipate that our brief interaction would turn into a conversation about the University of Washington’s Huskies (the school that I attended).

Suddenly I wanted to know more about him. Not the candidate, but the man who was backstage with us and who had the potential to become the president of the greatest nation in the world. 


I could see Senator Ted Cruz as the person meant to become President of the United States. I felt hopeful. I was no longer an observer, I was a participant.


I invite those who are undecided, or who might be leaning towards a different candidate, to learn more about Senator Ted Cruz. You will discover that he is the type of leader and that type of man that will restore our faith and our country. With him as our President, we will again become the greatest nation on earth.

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  • Consistent #2651

    Read the whole thing, if you can. This is who Ted Cruz really is.

    rodamala #2653

    You won’t find uplifting, from the heart, commentary like this piece posted over on our former home… sigh.

    Just imagine the hate that would spew at 2ndDivisionVet if he posted this… after seeing one of his recent threads become essentially a Klan Rally where “Mr. Go Trump Go! Go Cruz Go!” was clearly bashing our guy, and some pissant nobody was grilling 2DV with the FR zot test question about who he will vote for in the General Election, I have no clue how he even bothers trying to fight the good fight when faced with a mob of No Information Voter assclowns.

    Anyways… thanks for this article… it’s encouraging.

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