I Regret Voting For Donald Trump

Source: The Federalist | 19 Apr 16 | Grant Stinchfield

Donald Trump is off the rails. He is a train wreck. It’s not just his antics and childish behavior that has me so put off, it’s his failure to improve as a candidate.

After nine months on the campaign trail, I expected Trump to fully grasp the issues and have in-depth policy solutions to our problems. Yet he still is “winging it.” He has failed to surround himself with top-notch, respected experts to craft a legitimate conservative platform. The reality is now clear: Trump has no depth, and he fails to grasp even the most basic conservative principles.

I fell victim to my own hatred. Donald Trump offered me a vehicle to stick it to the bloviating bureaucrats I despise. I dedicated my life to exposing self-promoting career politicians and their love of big government programs. Trump was the guy who was going to scare the hell out of the “establishment,” the guy who was going to turn Washington on its head. So I voted with anger in my heart. I gave my vote to Trump with expectation he would find his way by putting smart constitutional conservatives by his side. Trump didn’t find his way; he got lost.

I fell victim to my own hatred. Donald Trump offered me a vehicle to stick it to the bloviating bureaucrats I despise.

Sadly, I did exactly what my mother always warned me not to do. I made an important decision while in an emotionally fragile state of anger and despair. My vote for Trump amounted to a vendetta against the ruling class of DC career politicians. I made a mistake.

It’s why I am publicly apologizing to governors Rick Perry and Scott Walker. I abandoned them way too early. I now realize their level-headed grasp on conservative values and principles would have made them the perfect candidates to carry a torch of limited government straight into the White House.

Governor Perry, Governor Walker: I am sorry. The worst part  I fear it’s too late. Can anyone save the Republican Party? Can Donald Trump save himself? I can only say I hope so, but there are no guarantees.

Make no mistake; I will vote for whoever the Republican nominee is. I hope other conservatives follow my lead. Even a maniacal Trump would be better than a criminally charged Hillary Clinton. I have always said that the only way we lose to Hillary is if we sabotage ourselves. It’s amazing to me that’s exactly what we’re doing.

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  • ConstitutionalConservative #4781

    It would be nice if more would own up to their regrets about supporting Trump I know there are many.

    Grant Stinchfield is the evening drive time conservative talk show host in Dallas, Texas, on 570 KLIF, a Cumulus Station.

    I wonder if Rush, Hannity or Ingram would have enough class to admit their regrets they will have them if not already.

    silver pines #4785

    It’s great that he recognizes his mistake and can own up to it, but I don’t have much charity in my heart for people who were told, over and over until we were blue in the face, EXACTLY what they were supporting.

    As for Rush, Hannity, and Ingram…their egos are too overblown to admit they were wrong.

    Myself6 #4786

    This is the beginning of the folks trying to convince us to vote for the “lesser” evil again.

    This time though, the R is NOT the lesser evil. He is just as bad or WORSE than the evil of whomever the D is.

    EFF these EMMER EFFERS! The republican party would be STUPID to allow trump to get past the convention. Even if he does get to 1237 before hand. I dont really care how many idiots go third party, its gotta be fewer than those who just wont vote or support the dbag if hes the nominee.

    Myself6 #4788

    You also notice how he never mentions Cruz? Hes no Conservative.

    This is just a Bull sh** attempt to get trump some support.

    screw Trump.

    Myself6 #4789

    AND…. ANOTHER thing…

    This guy apparently has ZERO effing problem with the Dbag being a LIFELONG leftist supporting POS!

    REALLY?! gonna let THAT just slide by?! these people are playing us and think were GD morons!

    And this is why I cant be around these people. I would actually choke them out. and get arrested. then my wife would be all disappointed with me when she picked me up from jail. (if she picked me up)

    EVERYDAY #4794

    And yet, he says he will vote for whoever the nominee is. So if the nominee is Geump, he will vote for him in November.

    I don’t think this guy really has any regrets about voting for Trump.

    And if he thinks real conservatives will vote for whoever is nominated — he’s wrong. We have had enough of anointed losers selected for us. I will write in Ted Cruz. Others will stay home, and some will vote Democrat out of spite. Whatever happens — if Trump gets the nomination, he will have to win the general without us. And he won’t win. Another Democrat for 4 more years. Enjoy

    ConservativeGranny #4835

    I’m with you Everyday. I can’t see where Trump would be the lesser evil. Just another evil with a different hairdo.

    I could not vote for someone for president of the US who I believe is not mentally stable for one thing. Then there is a long laundry list of other reasons why I believe Trump is a dangerous man for our country.

    I haven’t been a member of the Repub. party for many years now. I realized long ago that the dems do not have a monopoly on evil lying wretched politicians with a thirst for power. Out of all of the people in the country for some reason we have 3 of the lowest most vile, flawed and mentally unstable people running for the highest office in the land. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I put an X next to any of their names.

    In the end what matters the most to me is that I have to answer to God for the choices I have made and I’m sure He wouldn’t tell me to not vote for Satan but for one of his minions instead.

    slhancock1948 #4838

    This is a BS article. HE’s only feeling bad that his candidate is such a wretch and just wants to bloviate on the rest of us. Sorry, bud, but there was plenty of evidence after the first couple weeks, long before anybody voted for Trump that he was not what he was trying to put over on us. He could not reiterate his own campaign promises because they were not core values. That was evident way before Iowa!

    Everyone liked the idea that we could be angry and sock it to someone, but many are finding out that we are the ones being socked again. He is BFF with nearly every leftwing nut in DC, republican or democrat. That is not an outsider! Not from my neck of the woods. He is their friends so he can get what he wants, and you can be sure that once president, God help us all, he’d be getting richer and richer and the middle class would disappear.

    But, I also still stand by what I often wrote on FR that if we elect Trump, it will bring God’s judgment on us. We could earn a stay…it has to come sooner or later, but we could put it on hold by electing a godly man and upholding him in prayer to try to turn back some of the damage done. IF we give up and vote Trump, we’ll have chosen the ungodly man and someone we KNOW will not defund PP, try to protect religious rights and restore those freedoms, etc. This is our ONE chance.

    This guy does not get the seriousness of this election…SC picks, holding off the devil in the ungodly legalization of sexual deviancy, etc.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    mostlyhomebound #4843

    I used to say on fr that electing stump was putting the fox in charge of a four trillion dollar henhouse.

    rgintn #4845

    heard yesterday oon Mark Levin trump trashing Reagan’s tax cuts saying it is causing a Depression. Further proof trump is trolling the GOP.

    I often wonder whathe and bill clinton talked about before he declared his intention to run for president. bill was expert at appearing to be a Centrist when he was in reality a far left lefty. Did he advise trump on how to fool the Conservative voter?????

    slhancock1948 #4848

    Rgintn, I am with you in this. I’m certain that Trump KNOWS he cannot win against Hillary. He is trying to be a place-holder. This is why I ma praying that God takes Trump out, or that Trump messes up so bad that he disqualifies himself in the voters’ eyes…from now on out.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    coolrain #4954

    He outed himself in the last paragraph. Nice try.

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