ICYMI: Conservative Radio Host Ben Ferguson Endorses Ted Cruz for President

Source: Cruz News | March 9, 2016 |

“I do not believe Donald Trump is going to be able to bring everyone together”

HOUSTON, Texas – The Cruz for President campaign today announced the endorsement of conservative radio host, Ben Ferguson. Ferguson announced his support of Cruz on CNN tonight.

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“I am formally endorsing Ted Cruz tonight for one reason,” said Ferguson. “And that is the fact that I do not believe Donald Trump is going to be able to bring everyone together. I do not believe he has a solid path forward when it comes to the actual issues that he claims he cares about. His record of his past bothers me and it doesn’t just bother me, it bothers a lot of other voters. He’s not been sweeping first off, second thing is he’s not even getting the majority numbers that many claimed he was going to get, above 50 percent in these states where he’s having these victories. The reason why is there’s more people voting against him than are voting in favor of him last night. That is something else that we have a problem.”

“Now as long as you have a three man race, that works to Trump’s advantage,” Ferguson continued. “But there are more conservatives now that are more frustrated with Donald Trump than ever before because they are concerned about his past. They are concerned about his flexibility on immigration. They are concerned about what was in the New York Times off the record comments. They’re concerned about fraud with Trump University and all the students there that have come out. They’re also frustrated with the fact that they made up stats that weren’t true with the Better Business Bureau to try and get rid of that issue with Trump University. And they lied about it last week and that is bringing a lot of conservatives I think saying, ‘you know what we’re not jumping all in on the Trump train.’ And there are people that are questioning him and that’s the reason why I support Ted Cruz.”

Ben Ferguson is a radio talk show host and CNN Political Commentator. At 13, Ben Ferguson became the youngest radio talk show host in the country, and the youngest nationally syndicated host at 20. Ben has been the host of a three-hour syndicated Sunday night radio show carried nationwide for over a decade. He is also the author of It’s My America, Too that was named a top choice ready by USA Today.


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