ICYMI: What They’re Saying… Cruz’s Super Saturday

Source: Cruz News | March 7, 2016 |

“Cruz has momentum…. keeping the pressure on Trump”

HOUSTON, Texas – Over the weekend, presidential candidate Ted Cruz racked up two more wins in Kansas and Maine, making him the only candidate who has repeatedly beaten Donald Trump. These two victories now total six wins for Cruz in Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska, Kansas, and Maine. Additionally, Cruz came within three and four points of Trump in both Kentucky and Louisiana. Across the country Americans are rallying behind the campaign and seeing that Cruz is the only conservative alternative to Trump. Highlights of media coverage are below:

Washington Post: The Daily 202: Super Saturday results show Rubio collapsing, Trump stoppable and Cruz gaining momentum
Ted Cruz won decisive victories in Kansas and Maine on what’s being called “Super Saturday,” and he came within three and four points of scoring upsets over Donald Trump in both Louisiana and Kentucky.

It’s easier than ever to see the Republican contest becoming a two-way race between Trump and Cruz, with Trump playing the part of the populist and Cruz representing unalloyed conservatism.

In addition to his electoral victories, Cruz won a significant moral victory at CPAC in National Harbor yesterday. In the annual straw poll of attendees, he got 40 percent to 30 percent for Rubio and 15 percent for Trump. (See the full results here.)

Though Cruz’s victories have largely come in caucus states, they are testaments to the value of his organization. Such organization could come in handy during a contested Republican convention in Cleveland.

The HillCruz on Trump’s heels after victories on Super Saturday
GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz established himself on Saturday night as the challenger with the best chance to defeat Donald Trump, as the Texas senator posted two impressive victories and nearly caught the front-runner in two other states.

Cruz won the caucuses in Kansas and Maine in a runaway. Trump edged him at the caucuses in Kentucky and the primary in Louisiana.

But it was Cruz who was the story of the night, as he bolstered his argument that the Republican presidential race is down to a two-man contest between himself and Trump, the long-time front-runner.

“I want Ted one-one-one,” Trump said, calling for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio to drop out.

Earlier in the day, Cruz won the straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference outside Washington, D.C. That poll is unscientific, but generally considered a worthwhile measure of grassroots conservative support.

Associated PressSome in GOP start seeing Cruz as best alternative to Trump
The Texas senator split contests with Trump in Saturday’s voting, bolstering his argument that only he can defeat the real estate mogul. Trump and Cruz are now significantly outpacing Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) in the delegate count, further shrinking the Florida senator’s already narrow path to the nomination.

If Rubio’s slide continues, he would be the latest establishment candidate to fall victim to an angry, frustrated electorate that cares little about endorsements from party leaders or newspaper editorial boards. Rubio has rolled out both at warp speed in recent weeks, but his appeal with voters is not keeping pace.

But Cruz has built a loyal following among conservatives and evangelical Christians, and has proved to be a fundraising powerhouse during the 2016 campaign. After winning the leadoff Iowa caucuses, he’s also beaten Trump in five more states, more than any other candidate.

New York TimesTed Cruz Keeps Up Pressure on Donald Trump; Bernie Sanders Takes 2 on ‘Super Saturday’
Senator Ted Cruz scored decisive wins in the Kansas and Maine caucuses on Saturday, demonstrating his enduring appeal among conservatives as he tried to reel in Donald J. Trump’s significant lead in the Republican presidential race.

Mr. Trump contained Mr. Cruz’s advances by winning in Louisiana and Kentucky. But the Texas senator’s wins were sure to energize the anti-Trump forces who are desperately trying to stop Mr. Trump’s march to the nomination, and they left little doubt that Mr. Cruz, who has now captured six states, is their best hope.

The biggest stakes were on the Republican side, and the voters sensed it; turnout in Kansas, for example, was more than double that of 2012. Mr. Cruz won 48 percent of the vote there, while Mr. Trump received 23 percent, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida won 17 percent and Gov. John Kasich of Ohio won 11 percent. The results were tighter in Maine, but Mr. Cruz still easily defeated Mr. Trump there by 13 percentage points. With Mr. Trump’s victories coming by smaller margins, Mr. Cruz had the biggest delegate haul of the day, appearing to net at least 15 more than the front-runner.


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    Today, Senator Lindsey Graham endorsed Ted Cruz. He said at least Cruz is a conservative and Trump isn’t. Perhaps tomorrow is the day Cruz will announce other Senators who are now ready to endorse Cruz. They do not want a yelling, gross, hot head Trump in office who has no idea how congress works. Trump said he will tell the miliary to do what he says even though it is against the law. He wants to change libel laws so he can sue newspapers and cable news companies when they criticize him. He said no foreign workers but now wants foreign workers – likely because he brings them into the country to work at his hotels.
    This country must not have him for president.

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