In Reversal, Donald Trump to Seek Donations to Fund Campaign

Source: Bloomberg Politics | May 4, 2016 | Kevin Cirrilli and Jennifer Jacobs

I’ll be putting up money, but won’t be completely self-funding, as I did during the primaries,” Trump told the Wall Street Journal in an interview confirming his decision.

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  • ConservativeGranny #5726

    Well he never was self-funding. He always was accepting donations and had a donate button on his website. Somehow those facts kept eluding the Trumpets.

    CA Surveyor #5729

    Trump has always lived on Other People’s Money.

    OPM for short.

    Trump has little capital available; that is why the MSM were carrying him for free.

    mostlyhomebound #5730

    It wasn’t self-funding through the primaries. It is, again, a liar, a creature of Satan.

    rgintn #5738

    Can’t wait for the GoldmanSach’s/Citibank donations to #lyintrump.
    Watch trumpkins suddenly love GoldmanSachs/Citiank and say its great #lyintrump is a globalist

    Consistent #5743

    ConstitutionalConservative #5786

    RANT ON:

    Reversal is one of many contradictory mainstays of the Trump philosophy, everything that is right must be made wrong and all that is wrong must remain so.

    Conservative will become a filthy word and those who cling to such an outdated ideology will be ridiculed, marginalized, interned, reeducated to deny, disavow and repudiate conservatism or eventually face the final solution… eradication.

    I know it sounds like hyperbole but I have been in agreement with a host of others who have been accused of such exaggeration for decades, predicting the downfall of our Republic if we didn’t come to our senses.
    But I don’t think anyone thought it to be this bad this fast. So it is reasonable to conclude we’ve seen nothing yet as the nation begins to grow comfortable and confident with oppression, corruption, lies, deceit and rampant obscenities, conservatives will become a target to exhaust the frustrations of the perverted. I know there are millions of us but there were millions of Jews too and I suspect many will give up rather than fight, yeah we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Think about it a baker finds himself convicted in court for refusing to celebrate perversion, a group of Nuns are facing federal prosecution for refusing to assist in killing babies, a man refuses to help a woman in a dire situation because she has a political sticker on her car, on and on like that; all these things and much worse are not anomalies but are being compounded daily.
    Well that’s it, not enough said but a scratch on the surface, a mere smudge to be ignored or simply wiped away.
    Thankfully here I can rant on and not be eviscerated by the likes of those at FR who have so easily surrendered conservatism. They will be the ones to be most aggressive at promoting and instigating our demise they have indeed already gotten off to hearty start.


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