Indiana: Last Chance to Save the Country

Source: RedState | May 3, 2016 | Leon H. Wolf

Thanks to the “rigged” system that has awarded Donald Trump way more delegates than he has received popular votes, the 60% of Republicans who do not want Donald Trump to be their nominee are down to very nearly their last shot. If Trump sweeps the table of delegates today, it will be all but over – unless John Kasich comes to his senses and drops out immediately.


Since March 15th, Kasich has earned a stunning total of nine delegates. Nine. After tomorrow, he will still be behind Marco Rubio, who quit the race 7 weeks ago. He will, however, have prevented this from becoming a two person race and, especially in Indiana, will have directly contributed to Trump getting a huge pile of delegates. Even after it became clear that the only way he could even reach a contested convention was for Cruz to win Indiana, the country’s saddest binge eater refused to tell his Indiana voters to actually vote for Cruz, nor did he communicate with his team about the importance of Cruz winning Indiana.

Unless John Kasich gains about 50 IQ points over the night tonight, Indiana is the last chance to save the country. We’ll know in about 16 hours, one way or the other.

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