Is Jeff Sessions A Dishonest Twit Or Does He Just Pretend To Be One?

Source: RedState | May 13, 2016 | streiff


A line is crossed, however, when you try to convince me, and any conservative, that Trumpian baby sh** is actually butterscotch. Sessions crossed that line in USA Today. Sessions declares Trump to be conservative because he isn’t Hillary Clinton.

Yet some Republicans persist in saying that they don’t know whether Mr. Trump is a “real conservative.” This charge misleads in two ways. First: Mr. Trump’s cautious approach to mass migration, transnational trade commissions and nation-building are, by definition, conservative.

Second, the divide between Trump and Clinton on the role of government could not be more stark. Consider just a few of the things President Trump would do after taking the oath: repeal Obamacare; nominate constitutionalist justices; replace Obama’s radical Cabinet appointments; reduce taxes and regulations; produce more American energy; rein in the out-of-control EPA; and cancel Obama’s illegal amnesties.

The choice is a simple one: Do we want a country that serves our people, or not?

Let’s clear away the underbrush. Sessions is conflating policy choices with a political philosophy. More to the point, no one, even Donald Trump, has any idea of how he will react to the various bogeymen that Sessions trots out. If we take as a definition of conservatism the principles laid out Russel Kirk, much of what Sessions declare to be conservatism is nothing more or less than isolationism and protectionism, the twin idols that gave us the Smoot-Hawley Tariff, the Great Depression, the America First movement and World War II. Do Sessions and Trump really think the Marshall Plan, the epitome of nation building, was not the correct course of action? Do Sessions and Trump really think that trade wars and high tariffs benefit the American middle class?


Sessions has sold his integrity and honor to Donald Trump. He’s entitled to do that if he wishes and I could not give a flying rat’s ass. But his op-ed is an assault on my intelligence and on my honor and on my integrity. He’s lying about the differences between Hillary and Trump. He’s lying about what Trump stands for. And he’s lying about what Trump will do.


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