Is Ted Cruz Edging Toward #NeverTrump?

Source: RedState | May 1, 2016 | streiff

Senator Ted Cruz was on Meet the Press this morning with Chuck Todd. The entire segment ran 11:55. At around 8:20 Chuck Todd asked this question:

CHUCK TODD: You’ve spent this entire interview trying to eviscerate Donald Trump. If he’s the nominee, I take it you can’t support him anymore, can you?

Nearly five minutes later it ends with:

CHUCK TODD: All right, so let the record show, you have not taken a position on whether Trump– whether you can support Trump if he’s the nominee. Fair enough?

SEN. TED CRUZ: And let the record show you tried very, very hard to get me to commit to supporting Trump.

(Entire transcript here.)


This leads me to a couple of pieces of speculation.

First, given Trump’s utterly unmanly behavior on the campaign trail, Cruz has arrived at the same point as a lot of us. That Trump is a bully and a general POS as a human being and no one who lays claim to being an actual adult could endorse him in the general election and retain their reputation.

Second, he fully intends to fight this out on the convention floor. His critique of Trump’s positions are calculated to show that he is at odds with virtually everything the GOP stands for and that the fight is too important to allow it to be decided by delegate allocation rules that give Trump many, many more delegates than he should have.


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  • Consistent #5604

    I think that Ted Cruz said it before that he could not support anyone who attacked his wife, which Trump did.

    ConstitutionalConservative #5612

    We are going to see much more of this from across the networks it didn’t start with Todd but he is building the momentum and it goes something like this: Trump is beating you badly in the vote count will you support him if he is the nominee, or don’t you think you have a responsibility to help unite the party if trump is the nominee. It will be non-stop and as Cruz says he will not surrender America to the media or trump, to say that before the convention would be all you’ll hear “Cruz Supports Trump” and Ted ain’t falling for that.

    Todd said “it is not true” when Ted talked about the media support of trump and the media partisanship, the media is demonstrably partisan; the evidence is 90+% of media are democrats that is a proven fact. Make no mistake the media pretends to support trump just as trump is pretending to be republican so they give him all the attention they can because they want Hillary as the next POTUS and having trump in the general is the best way to insure that happens. Ted is pointing that out as the obvious conclusion and if they keep pushing him to surrender by saying he will support trump then Ted just needs offer examples and find the perfect turn of phrase of media’s partisan for Hillary to nail them and they will/might stop the nonsense.

    The Media, Hillary and Trump know all to well how dangerous Cruz is to their progressive liberal socialist democrat agenda.

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