Is Trump Preparing His Exit Strategy?

Source: Conservative Review | April 11, 2016 | Steve Deace


While the candidacy he initially built is too strong to instantly implode like those previous “flavors of the month,” it’s clear that Trump will struggle to grow his support from here. Whatever he has now, he likely has. That means he likely won’t be acquiring the 1,237 delegates it takes to win the nomination outright prior to the convention. And given how the delegate process is going, it appears that if Trump doesn’t have the delegate majority heading into Cleveland he’s likely to be annihilated by Cruz once he gets there.


But regardless of the odds, does Trump still think he can win? You will be able to tell based on his tone and his campaign team’s rhetoric moving forward. There are two paths before Trump 2016: – See more at:

If Trump thinks he can win. He’ll attempt to be more presidential once he emerges from this week’s hibernation and adopt a broader message beyond his cult of personality in an effort to expand his base (if that’s still possible). In other words, he’ll attempt to go “Art of the Deal” on the GOP establishment to try and stop the rest of the party from coalescing around Cruz. You will see the charming Trump I once got to know. The one that schmoozed a lot of conservatives prior to and at the outset of his candidacy.

– If Trump thinks he can’t win. If Trump believes the writing is on the wall and his campaign will just slowly bleed out from here until it’s eventually finished off in Cleveland, you will see his hallmark conspiracy theorizing, flaming, and reality show-style trolling increase all the more. This is how Trump will grease the skids for his forthcoming unceremonious exit, by corrupting the process on his way out so he can hold onto his minions by playing the victim card (he’ll use the word “unfair” more than ever). Trump will then leverage those minions as the potential audience for whatever reality show or other deal he cuts post-campaign.


So which path will Trump 2016 choose?

Given his new Wormtongue ridiculously comparing Cruz to the Nazis on Meet the Press Sunday morning, it looks like it’s the latter. Which means “Make America Great Again” is about to become “The Trailer Park Boys.”

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  • Consistent #4261

    Consistent #4268

    Victoria #4285

    “What’s better for the brand?”
    That is the bottom line for Trump – what is in it for me? Losing would hurt his brand, it wouldn’t be special anymore to bring in millions of dollars selling his name. Who wants to name a hotel/recreation destination after a losing Trump? The name Trump would not be golden anymore.

    Think about it – if you lose, your livelihood is irreparably harmed. What do you do? Make up a story and get out before it happens, save face, blame others and get out. Say something like, “The political process is so corrupt, I cannot be a part of this anymore – my integrity is my most important asset and I will not let these political parasites take that from me.”

    ConstitutionalConservative #4290

    Whichever way Trump may choose, he will lose!

    Trump entered a deal from which he cannot heal, his Brand no longer grand, having no shame is to blame, he’ll still have few strands of precious hair, yet even that treats him unfair, how the mighty do fall from atop a never built wall.

    Okay enough already, really where did that come from, I can’t believe I am going to hit submit… ha ha!

    Victoria #4301

    ConstitutionalConservative, thanks for your creative poetry. :o)

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