Is Trump The White Obama?

Source: Daily Caller | March 4, 2016 | Joy Overbeck

Donald Trump and Barack Obama have so many character similarities — monumental arrogance leading to very bad outcomes, allegiance to the almighty “I”, and a talent for magical thinking. They might even share some important DNA. That TV show that researches family histories should check it out. It’s truly uncanny. Here are the top four characteristics they both exhibit:

Monumental arrogance leading to very bad outcomes: In Atlantic City starting in 1985, Trump constructed a glittering empire of huge casinos and hotels that he claimed were the greatest the world had ever seen. But his grandiosity led him to over-build and over-borrow. According to a December, 2015, LA Times article, “As he expanded Trump’s aggressive borrowing and go-go strategy left them (his properties) laboring under high-interest debt. When he decided to leave, in 2009, the exit was far from smooth and graceful; he gave up after last-ditch battles with bondholders.”


“I” triumphs over “we the people”: Until Trump, no American leader except Obama has so strenuously exercised the “I” word, whether in speeches, press conferences, or top-of-mind. There’s no hint of JFK’s “think not what you can do for yourself but what you can do for your country” from either of them. Obama and Trump are convinced they are smarter than the rest of us, and those big brains give them the right to dictate to us little people just how it’s gonna be.


Their adoring fans operate on pure emotion, not reason: Mitt Romney’s recital of the unique unfitness of Donald Trump to be president probably will make as little difference to his ardent fan army as did Barack Obama’s allegiance to Jeremiah Wright and his “God d### America” hatred or his BFF bond with unrepentant bomb-thrower Bill Ayres. It wouldn’t matter if Romney had revealed Trump was once a member of the Aliens Among Us party; and it wouldn’t have mattered in Obama’s case either. Their troops are mesmerized by their rhetoric and the magical possibility they offer. Both are “blank slate” candidates on whom the electorate can write their hopes and dreams.


Both are suffering from narcissistic personality disorder: ……


That’s why I am for President Ted Cruz. But that’s just me.

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    The ones who complained that Obama worshippers voted for him based on emotion are doing the same with regard to Obama. And yes, I mean more than a few on FR.

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