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    I was devastated when I heard that Cruz had suspended his campaign. Trump pulled every dirty trick in the book, finally equating Cruz’s father to the death of JFK. Of course that was a huge lie, but the damage was done.

    I am still angry at Sarah Palin, WHO KNOWS, if she REALLY is a true, born again believer that you you NOT support an ungodly man, with vile speech and lies and dirty tricks to take down a godly man. Her deeds show that she is deeply compromised, if a true believer. She has sold her soul to the devil, and she HAS to know that. For fame, a TV show, to be in the national spotlight again, etc.

    I cried for days. My husband says that I should write Cruz and remind him that no man is above his Master, that if they hated Him, they’ll hate you, too! I never saw such visceral hatred for such a man, who should’ve been at the top of the polls for his bravery to risk it all to try to halt the growth of government, to take out the IRS, to simplify the tax code, to return to constitutional government, etc.

    As I have often stated, DT was really out to destroy the republican party. He actually said he could win without much help from us. He destroyed the conservative base, but actually, he probably weeded out the true conservatives so that we now know who is one and who is not. It thinned the field, for sure, but knowing who we are makes a huge difference going forward.

    I just cannot reconcile voting for such a vile man, someone who does NOT want to make concessions to conservatives, doesn’t want us to have a say, or any influence. That tells us that we can now cross Palin off the conservative ranks and she no longer speaks for our values. I guess fame and success means more than choosing a godly man who will let God make choices. Had this been between Romney and Christie, or McCain, I’d say, yes vote for the lesser of two evils, but for a KNOWN conservative…one among many, to choose an ungodly man…I cannot reconcile that. We HAD a choice and the supposedly godly leaders would not rally behind him. I know he doesn’t have the goods to give big prizes for their endorsement, but principles should stand over everything else.

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

    Consistent #6210

    Welcome back, slhancock1948!

    As Ted Cruz said yesterday, “Truth will prevail.”

    EVERYDAY #6213

    Welcome back to civilization, Sihancock — if you can call it that.

    Ted Cruz’s campaign suspension was indeed devastating, but we are hardy stock. We will, with the grace of God, get through this and emerge stronger. Seems that Ted Cruz may try to muck up Trump’s automatic anointment at the convention. What good it will do is questionable, but already Cruz is looking ahead to re-election to the Senate in 2017 and I’m reasonably sure he will run for the presidency in 2020. My guess is that regardless of whether it’s Trump or Hillary in the White House, they will make such a mess that by 2020, Ted Cruz should be a shoo-in for the presidency. That is, if we still have a republic by then.

    As for Sarah Palin and the rest of the faux conservatives who support Trump — their careers and lives are toast. Palin’s career had been swirling the bowl before she aligned herself with Trump. It will ultimately be flushed. Oh, she might get a spot in the Trump administration, but she will never be elected on her own to any public office ever again. The trust is gone.

    If nothing else, this election has exposed the liars, charlatans and false conservatives. Now we know our enemies are not only the godless liberals, but also the phony conservatives who betrayed our trust. God knows who they are too, and I believe He will give us the means to be victorious over them. Or He Himself will destroy them outright.

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