Kamala Harris promises swift executive action if Congress doesn't pass gun control legislation

Source: CNN | April 22, 2019 | Kyung Lah

(CNN) – Sen. Kamala Harris on Monday pledged that, if elected President, she would take executive action enacting sweeping gun control measures if Congress fails to send comprehensive legislation to her desk in her first 100 days.

“Enough,” says the fact sheet outlining the proposals that the campaign plans to unveil publicly tomorrow. “We’re not waiting any longer.”

The pledge by Harris to act unilaterally by executive action sharpens her repeated calls on the campaign trail, blasting Congress for failing to act on gun violence, especially mass shootings.

Last weekend at her town hall in Orangeburg, South Carolina, Harris told the crowd, “It is a false choice to suggest you are either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to take everyone’s guns away. We need leaders in Washington, D.C., who have the courage to speak the truth.”

The plan, as outlined in her proposal, aims to move closer to federal universal background checks, a first-step move the campaign calls “mandated near-universal background checks.” The campaign says this 100-day pledge is just part of the gun safety agenda Harris will pursue as President.


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    I don’t know that Ms. Harris can circumvent the Second Amendment by executive order. But hey, Obama and Trump have both played dictator and Obama got away with it. These days, our rights are just whims — whatever the guy or gal in the Oval Office feels like we should have.

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