Kinzinger launching PAC to challenge GOP's embrace of Trump

Source: The Hill | January 31, 2021 | Joseph Choi

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) on Sunday announced the formation of a new political action committee (PAC) aimed at challenging the Republican Party’s acceptance of former President Trump.

“This is no time for silence, not after the last month, not after the past few years. Someone needs to tell the truth. Someone needs to say what history needs to hear. So here I am, the Republican Party has lost its way,” Kinzinger said in a video posted on, the website for his new PAC.

“Today’s Republican Party, it’s not the one I joined. The GOP I signed up for was built on a foundation of principle and it was filled with hope. We believed a brighter future was just around the bend and we fought tirelessly to get there,” Kinzinger continued.


Kinzinger said the website would serve as a “landing place” for fellow conservatives who feel similarly to him regarding the state of the GOP. He characterized his new PAC as a return to “conservative principles and opined that his party had “lost its moral authority in a lot of areas.”

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