Kuznicki: Trump Will Never Be the Face of the Republican Party

Source: Conservative Review | March 29, 2016 | Jen Kuznicki

The Republican Party will not be hijacked by a minority of voters who have migrated from the Democratic Party with zero conservative positions, and confirm the worst stereotypes that the Democrats have foisted upon us.  To make it clear, the fact that the Republican Party’s elite have squandered the wins across the nation within the past half-dozen years, refused to fight on principle, and smeared the conservative wing of the party has led to this unquestionable, crystal clear turning point in American politics.

After the rhetoric and actions of Donald Trump and his talking heads over the past months leading up to and climaxing over Easter weekend, regarding violence at rallies and attitudes towards women, the Republican Party is at a crossroads concerning their priorities and what they really stand for.


If the Democrats who have decided to vote Republican because of Donald Trump come to the Republican Party defending misogyny, violence, and the appearance of racial hatred, they will have created the perfect stereotype of what the left wants the nation to believe about Republicans. It is up to everyone who has voted Republican to denounce this man, his campaign, and recognize that the best antidote to Hillary, Bernie, and Trump is Ted Cruz.  To do that, they will have to finally defend their own platform of free trade, trustworthy leadership, a wise and frugal government—things the so-called frontrunner never speaks of. ….


The Republican Party’s identity crisis has come to a head.  Either we stand with the conservative positions we have named in our platform, or we toss them away, lose the election, the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court; and the nation goes through a hardening of the communistic policies of Obama and Hillary.  But the practical ability to be able to stand for what we believe with Trump as the poster boy is gone.

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    My latest guess at final delegate count shows that even with California, Trump can’t get to 1237 with WI going to Cruz. If CA goes for Cruz, it is feasible for Cruz to overtake Trump in delegate count.

    I think under either circumstance, Trump is not the nominee. If Cruz overtakes Trump but is not at 1237, I think he will still be found acceptable to the establishment, esp. if he takes Kasich or Rubio on as VP.

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