Law enforcement officials lay out evidence Capitol riot was 'coordinated' attack

Source: The Hill | February 23, 2021 | John Bowden

Top current and former law enforcement officials testifying Tuesday before a joint Senate hearing on the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol told lawmakers that evidence pointed to coordination and planning behind the mob of people that overwhelmed Capitol Police officers during the attack.

Asked by Senate Homeland Security Committee Chair Gary Peters (D-Mich.) about what non-classified evidence he could point to that led him to determine the attack was “coordinated,” former Capitol police chief Steven Sund pointed to rioters coming prepared with “climbing gear” and “chemical spray,” which he argued had no place at a legitimate demonstration.

“I’m able to provide you a quick overview of why I think it was a coordinated attack. One, people came specifically with equipment. You’re bringing in climbing gear to a demonstration. You’re bringing in explosives. You’re bringing in chemical spray … you’re coming prepared,” he told the senators.

“The fact that the group that attacked our west front [did so] approximately 20 minutes before [former President Trump’s rally] ended, which means that they were planning on our agency not being at what they call ‘full strength,'” Sund added.

Sund also pointed to the discoveries of pipe bombs outside of the respective Republican and Democratic party headquarters, which he said were likely used to draw police resources away from the Capitol during the riot.

D.C. Metropolitan Police Department chief Robert Contee III agreed, telling the senators that he saw “hand signals being used by several of the insurrectionists,” as well as radio communication by others.


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    Johnson is the south end of a horse traveling north. Terrorists like those who participated in this violent coup don’t have to be carrying firearms to inflict injury or damage or to kill people. Wasn’t one of the officers beaten with a fire extinguisher?

    Not carrying a firearm does not lessen the seriousness of that coup. A police officer’s life was lost, people were injured and lawmakers like Johnson should be grateful they survived.

    Oh and another story being spread by the Trump cult is that the coup participants weren’t racists/white supremacists. Really? How does one explain the participants wearing Camp Auschwitz shirts or the ones heard calling Officer Goodman the N word?

    The cult is spreading disinformation and this must be stopped.

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    Meanwhile, Ted Cruz has more important things to do than pay attention at the hearing:

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