Let's nip this in the bud now. Don't you dare do this to @tedcruz

Source: Steve Deace's Facebook | June 1, 2016 | Steve Deace

Knowing how passive-aggressive most Republicans (Americans) are nowadays, this is my biggest fear about the convention. That folks decide instead of taking on Trump, they’ll talk themselves into some half measure compromise like “let’s make Ted Cruz the running mate on the convention floor because, unity.”

If you think, or would like, Ted Cruz to have a future in the White House down the road, don’t you dare do that. For if you pull this stunt, you’re putting one of the last untainted potential future leaders we have in a terrible box.

If he becomes Trump’s running mate he has to be his schlep water carrier for four months, creating a catalogue of indefensible statements that will make him look foolish and be used against him in the future. And then if he doesn’t do that and tries to become his own man, the media will make the campaign Cruz v. Trump to help Hillary. Trump will lose in November (he’s likely going to lose anyway, but that’s besides the point), and the system will blame it on Cruz faster than you can say “McCain-Palin.”

On the other hand, if the delegates pull this stunt and Cruz refuses, he’ll be painted as leaving his base in the lurch when they asked him to serve. So he can’t win either way. It’s a lose-lose.

Ted Cruz and his family have taken enough crap standing up for what we believe in. And more crap than just about any elected Republican in recent memory. Please don’t throw them out there like lambs to slaughter with some kind of hackneyed plan to avoid a showdown. Ted is playing it smart by lying low and riding the storm out, and it’s best for us if he does that as well.

The fight is with Trump and his cult/con. If you don’t have the stones to take him on, fine, I know it’s a tough road to hoe. But then just keep your mouth shut and don’t throw Cruz into the fiery furnace as your fig leaf to rationalize.

Disclaimer: this opinion is my own. I have not discussed this with Ted Cruz or anyone that worked for his campaign. So this post is not to be taken as some kind of back channel message. Just my own take.

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    It’s high time we all man up and not yield to pressure from Trumpsters to knuckle under Trump and give in to the pressure to “board the Trump Train” as his followers put it. Believe me, this is all coming from Trump and his minions. They have saturated social media with the same refrain — everyone has to get behind Trump in order to avoid a disastrous Hillary presidency. Oh, and Ted Cruz himself has to honor his pledge to support the nominee; otherwise, he is not a good Christian. And if he does, maybe he will be Trump’s VP or his nominee for SCOTUS. Not surprising Trump’s minions are also working on convention delegates.

    I will be very disappointed if Ted Cruz endorses Trump or accepts the VP nomination. He should not be associated in any way with Trump. And the party can go pound sand. Cruz owes the party nothing.

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    I doubt Cruz even wants to be his VP and rightly so. How would Heidi feel being thrust into such a position, as well…being that she was a missionary kid and Trump’s illicit rantings would surely be mortifying, especially if asked to support or explain to a public audience.

    Cruz will do best to sit this out, keeping his promises to fight for religious freedoms and family values, and wait on the Lord to open whatever door would be the best position for him…as the Lord deems that to be. I believe he is that sort of man. I believe God has something for him in particular and he’ll raise him up for that. Sounds like Cruz and French would make an awesome team, as well.
    Maybe Cruz, French, Carly and the few other real conservatives along with the real conservatives leaders that backed Cruz might want to look into starting up a conservative party now. As the ashes of the democrat and republican parties begin to sift through the air, along with the stench of the sewer rats they’ve become, there just might be a bigger following than most would think. Personally, I think this IS the year for starting up such a thing. The public distrust and unrest due to the other 2 has reached the highest levels I’ve ever seen!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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